The Post - American Dream

Post - American Dream

Post - American Dream is a lifestyle brand that promotes the art, apparel, and innovation that define DTLA culture as it is created by those who are vested in the community. Ultimately the brand stands for individual achievement, community awareness, creative ambitions, and positive action.

First conceptualized in 2016 in Downtown Los Angeles, Elliott Grogan created Post - American Dream to embody this new culture curated by self-made individuals who use their talents to define their own lives.These are the people that do not require others to cosign their ambition.

Elliott is a photographer, visual artist, writer, DJ, and community organizer. Originally from Sacramento, CA, Elliott moved to DTLA in 2015 to spread his original ideas and reach a broader audience. He quickly connected with the community, and felt as if he had met his tribe.   

Elliott’s goal is to be a guiding voice in the free marketplace of ideas to define culture through innovation and originality instead of corporate metrics.   

Post - American Dream has now fully launched and is building momentum. If you are an artist or innovator in the Los Angeles area, and you are interested in collaborating with the brand, contact Elliott works out of his office in DTLA almost everyday and is available to meet with those individuals that are serious about defining this city’s culture.